Werstok-Good House is a natural house, built in the strawbale technology (a wooden structure filled with straw cubes), with natural clay and limestone plasters, allergy-friendly and for all those who value surrounding themselves with natural materials. We invite you to visit our blog concerning the construction (in Polish). The blog is also related to some of our other challenges.

The house is located among forests and fields, on the south-western edge of the Bialowieza Forest, in the Protected Landscape Area "Bialowieza Forest" (the map). The house is neighboring the garden, in which we grow vegetables in accordance with permaculture rules. We do not cut grass and we like spiders.

Werstok-Good House is also a Creative House with the painting studio. Art workshops, plein-airs and meetings take place here.

Why is it worth to come to our place?

  We have fresh, healthy air - the house is a few steps from the forest and the meadow. Staying with us is a real relief for the lungs and eyes.

  Our house has a pleasant, healthy microclimate. The outer walls are filled with straw and covered with clay plasters and wood. The walls have a thickness of up to 60 cm! Really!

  Here is peace and freedom from civilization annoyances - asphalt ends near us :).

  You can relax in a hammock, arrange a bonfire, ride a rented bike (near Werstok, there runs the Eastern Bicycle Trail "Green Velo"), go on a canoeing trip along the Narewka River or relax in one of the nearby lagoons.

  We run delicious, vegetarian cuisine. Guests are given meals in wicker baskets of the local product.

  You can buy or order organic, tasty products from our friends' farms (cheese, eggs, oils, honey, etc.).

  You can track wild animals - there are bisons, deers, elks, roe deers, lynxes, foxes and wolves. Deers, roe deers and bisons can be seen from the windows of the house. Our winter night record is... 52 deers and over 20 bisons in sight!

  Werstok is located in the buffer zone of the BiaƂowieza Forest - the only natural object in Poland from the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  In Werstok there is a historic, charming, eighteenth-century Orthodox church.