Werstok - Good House

Prices (in PLN)

Accommodation - the price for one day (we accept reservations for at least 2 days)
if 2 days 80  
if 3 and more days 70  

f the room is occupied by one person, the price per night is:
❁  150% of the usual price - except holidays
❁  200% of the usual price - on vacation.

In the price of the stay we provide, among other things:
✺  cotton sheets and towels washed in an ecological, gentle liquid
✺  good fair trade coffee and tea for self-brewing
✺  access to wifi
✺  use of a hair dryer, washing machine and fan
✺  transport to and from the railway station
✺  wood for the fire.

Meals - vegetarian, made of high-quality organic products.
breakfast 30  
linner 50  

✵   off-season meals are served only on weekends

✵   gluten-free meals are 10 PLN more expensive.

Renting a bike
per hour 2  
per day 10  

Pets stay (dog, cat)
one-off fee 60*

* 20 PLN from each fee we transfer to the Shelter for homeless dogs "Ciapek" in Hajnówka.


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